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360 suffix and prefix domain names are now very popular and are asking big dollars!

What do you do when all the good simple domain names are no longer available ?
The following articles reflect the rise in the popularity of domain names utilising the '360' prefix or suffix.

What does '360' mean? It encompasses meanings including : total, roundup, world-wide, etc.

Today's trends in domain investing
Explore domain investment trends and the turn towards niche markets DATE: 11.08.2005
Online article by top domain seller Sedo.com 's Director of Customer Relations, Jay Finnan.

360 domain names
Blog at DigitalPoint.com concerning 360 domain names DATE : Aug 29th 2006


These 360 domain names may be available for sale :

Technology - Fashion - Developer - Xbox 360 - ecommerce etc.


Aviation - simulation - gaming - Xbox360

Other - non 360 related


NEWS related domains


Gambling - Online Casino


...and many more yet to be listed

This list last updated 10 OCt 2006



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World Cities



Global Places


Australian Cities


Australian Real Estate websites


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